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Best technical Wreck Dive

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True name Technical Diving
Depth 35m to 58m+
Conditions Wreck
Visibility Excellent (20m+)
Platform Boat, shore
Level Technical
Snorkelling? No
Other names used N/A

The wreck of the crane barge Taiyong was re-discovered in 2004 by a Jordanian Technical Diving Team and believed to have been scuttled sometime between 1997-1999 having been damaged and deemed an uneconomical repair.

Aqaba dive site| Taiyong-wreck-Jordan
The Taiyong a technical wreck diver’s dream.

The wreck lies on its starboard side to the west of a site known as the Japanese Gardens and is, unlike other dive sites in Aqaba, not marked with a buoy. At its shallowest point it's about 35m dropping to about 58m at its deepest, making it a very nice technical dive.

From the Japanese Gardens you will follow the reef slowly dropping to meet the bow where you are guided towards the stern and the massive crane lying on the sea bed, being covered in soft corals and unusual shapes. This area is set for some stunning photos; the tip of the jib is the deepest point at 58m, so don't get too carried away with your photos!! Following the crane back to the stern of the barge we come to the wheel house and some awesome swim troughs, looking at the crane machinery and gears.

Aqaba dive site| Taiyong-wreck-Jordan
The Taiyong Wreck offers easy-access penetration.

She’s encrusted with more than 30 years of multi-coloured coral growth from bow to stern.

Aqaba dive site| Taiyong-wreck-Jordan
And marine life loves it, too.

When it's time to turn you will start to follow the reef back making the deco a real pleasure as there is always something to occupy the eyes and the lens!!

Much of the ship’s structure & fittings are remarkably well-preserved.

As an alternative, and depending on your plan, it can be possible to make the deco following a different part of the reef and finishing at Aqaba's famous Cedar Pride. What a spectacular 2 in 1 wreck dive!!!


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