Aqaba dive site | Seven Sisters

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True name The Seven Sisters
Depth Surface to 16m+
Conditions Shallow depth, pinnacles, fire corals, easy access, light surge
Visibility Exceptional (30m+)
Platform Shore
Level Beginner
Snorkelling? Yes, highly recommended
Other names used N/A

You’re going to love this one. Sites with so much to see in such a relatively small area are very rare, and this is one of the best examples. From blennies and damsels to butterflies and barracuda, fish life here is plentiful as these pinnacles make a great nursery – and that’s a great start for any food chain.

 Aqaba dive site | Seven Sisters
At Seven Sisters, the show starts as soon as you hit the water ...

Since we’re so close to shore (just 30m out) and diving in such shallow, bright water, larger species are somewhat rare but that means the corals and sponges are just crawling with life. Schooling fusiliers abound, and tiny invertebrates have conquered the reef.

... and although the dive is shallow, it just keeps getting better.

If you want to take gorgeous, colourful Red Sea diving photos to share back home, Seven Sisters should be high on your list of priorities. Many a photographer has surfaced with a full memory card after exploring just a single pinnacle!

Each of the Seven Sisters’ pinnacles houses something new ...

You’ll find this dive perfectly relaxing whether you’re in training or taking a colourful break from more challenging dive conditions. You’ll probably be reluctant to leave the pillars behind. But let’s carry on – there are more than Seven Sisters to see!

Just a short swim to the West-North, we encounter another group of pinnacle reefs known locally as the Fairy Ring – not quite large enough to warrant their own site name, but certainly beautiful enough to warrant inclusion in your dive plan.

... including some fascinating encounters no diver or snorkeler in Aqaba should miss.

And did we mention the Tank, just a few meters away? Hope you saved some photo memory, because this M42 Duster tank is the perfect spot to make a fish-packed, photo-of-a-lifetime safety stop.

 Aqaba dive site | Seven Sisters
Speaking of snorkelling, you’ve got to see the Tank, just a few meters away from Seven Sisters.


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