Aqaba dive site| The-Tank

Best Safety Stop

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True name The Tank
Depth Surface to 6m
Conditions Shallow depth, wreck, easy access, light surge
Visibility Exceptional (25m+)
Platform Shore
Level Snorkelling, freediving, diver training
Snorkelling? Yes, highly recommended
Other names used N/A

They cleaner her up but otherwise sunk her as-is, in clear view of all: the Tank sits on a sandy bottom in just 5 to 7m of water, imposing as ever after 15 years underwater.

 Aqaba dive site| The-Tank
There she is – The Tank, easily accessible in just 5m of clear blue Aqaba water.

And the Tank fits its new purpose – life – even better than its old one. Soft corals and sponges are taking hold of her hull, and the first things you’ll notice (even before “hey, this is a tank!”) are the swirling schools of colourful reef fish that now call her home.

And she’s even cooler close up.

Most divers visit the Tank during a safety stop en route to shore from nearby sites New Canyon and The Seven Sisters. But we’re going to be here for a while and there’s no worry about air consumption at such a shallow depth, so let’s hang out with the fish for a few minutes before we take a closer look.

Night dive on a tank, anyone? Bring your camera.

The panorama is impressive to say the least!

The Tank is a truly gorgeous dive site from any angle, packed with life in every crevice.

Moving in for a closer look, we can see what’s attracted all this fish life – the Tanks is absolutely packed with little nooks and crannies housing dozens of species of invertebrates including starfish, shrimps, crabs, and more. Lionfish prowl the hull in plain view while damsels fend them off valiantly; divers with careful eyes will spot colourful blennies watching the show from their homes in the coral and hull.

And that’s only a section of tread on one side of the Tank. She’s not especially large at [guess 6mx3m], but thanks to a sheltered location all her features are entirely intact – under the marine life of course.

Nice to see guns supporting life, for once!

Slowly surfacing toward the end of our dive, we examine gunners’ turrets and the tank’s superstructure, discovering a world within a world – watch carefully and quietly to glimpse the tiniest of macro life near the top of the wreck.

If you plan on snorkelling while you’re in Aqaba, don’t miss The Tank (and the nearby Seven Sisters just a short fin away). You’ll never forget them.


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