Diving in Gulf of Aqaba| Red Sea-Jordan

Why diving in Aqaba?

What kind of diving can I do in Aqaba?

What kind of marine life will I see?

Why Diving in Aqaba?

  • Easy shore
  • Calm waters with minimal tides, waves and currents.
  • Moderate water temperature around the year, visibility exceed 20 meter.
  • Idyllic sunny reefs, ,world-class wrecks and deep exciting walls.
  • Vibrant, thriving diversity of marine life and unspoiled dive sites.
  • Healthy corals, more than 1000 invertebrate species and 200 soft and hard corals. The Gulf of Aqaba is the deepest and narrowest gulf in the world.
  • Aqaba is the key connection between Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Within 2 hours you can be in Petra, Wadi Rum, Eilat and Taba.

Boat Dive

  • Same Dive sites
  • 30-60 minutes driving by boat from the Royal Yacht Club
  • More privacy, comfort, convenient for deep dives and chill-out
  • Lunch and soft drinks included

Shore Dive

  • Same dive sites (Aqaba is famous for shore dives)
  • 10 minutes driving by car from our dive centre
  • Easy entrance, less than 25 meter walk
  • Gradual depth changes, the reef start from 2 meter depth
  • Check our packages for 1 - 5 days

Spectacular diving

If you’re already a diver – and maybe even if you’re not – the Red Sea needs no introduction. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t agree: the diving here is vibrant, diverse, and absolutely spectacular. And the Gulf of Aqaba is one of the most popular dive destinations in the entire world.


Over 20 dive sites

Choose from , all within just minutes of Arab Divers and all accessible either from shore or by boat, depending on your preference. You’ll find something for every level here, whether you’re a recreational or technical diver. Marine life is healthy and there’s something to see at every depth.


Informative map

Some of Aqaba’s dive sites are known by different names, depending on your dive center of choice. This has caused some confusion in the past, so has created a detailed map of each using only the real, official dive site names.


Clean reefs

The is mostly toward the south, away from the busy international port to the north, and especially in Aqaba Marine Park, where wildlife protection helps keeping reefs and their inhabitants clean and pristine along a full 7km of coastline.


Warm waters

Visibility almost always exceeds 20m, and is often much better. Aqaba enjoys year-round diving in warm waters – 26 degrees in summer 20 degrees in winter – and air temperature very rarely drops below 21 degrees during the day. It can get pretty hot – more than 40 degrees – but this only makes the sea breeze from the gulf feel more refreshing.



Almost all dive sites are equally stunning for snorkelers and freedivers, too.

The famous sites are close to our location and easy accessible from shore. Snorkeling from shore is available for anytime during the day without depending on guided tours.

Our boat snorkeling trips include lunch and professional-quality snorkeling gear. We launch every Friday, leaving the dock at 10:00 am and returning to base by about 4:00 pm with at least 2 different snorkeling destinations along the way.There are some truly amazing spots here for beginning snorkelers and advanced freedivers alike. You have to see it to believe it!


Technical diving

We’re most famous for our spectacular pinnacles and sloping reefs. You’ll find some impressive wrecks here, too, and for those with appropriate training penetration is possible. Technical diving is increasing in popularity as our clear water means that reefs extend well below recreational depths.


Night diving

Night diving is hugely popular here because our dive sites are so easily accessible and completely change their characters when the sun goes down. Some of our sites have a medium-strength current and drifting along a spectacular wall that fade into the beautiful blue is an experience you’ll never forget.



Diving here is relatively easy, but it’s also possible to experience an adventurous challenge if you have or would like to begin the training you need to master more advanced conditions.


pleasant experience

There’s truly something for everyone here – you can spend an entire week diving, and enjoy unforgettable experiences of Scuba Diving Holidays on different sites.


Photographer’s dream

Aqaba is an underwater photographer’s dream, especially if you’re into macro life. Many divers end up so fascinated by just a tiny section of reef they spend their entire dives exploring it - and surface with hundreds of incredible photos of shrimp, crabs, nudibranchs, anemones and other reef-dwellers.



Fishes are varied and plentiful on all reefs, including all the usual suspects: damsels, parrotfish, butterflyfish, anthias and more. Larger species are less common in the region (shark sightings are rare), but groupers, rays and napoleons are well-represented.



Cuttlefish, squid and octopi are fairly common in Aqaba, especially at night. Our wrecks (including a tank!) are home to an impressive variety of life that surprises most divers the first time.



We encourage all divers to take extra care with buoyancy control in Aqaba. Our ecosystem is healthy and strong, but like any reef, that delicate balance can be easily upset by accidental damage. We truly consider our aquatic environment a treasure, and treat it accordingly.