Divemaster course aqaba | Jordan

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Divemaster course aqaba | Jordan

Divemasters are the backbone of the SCUBA industry. Learning to fill this role means you’ll revisit everything you’ve learned so far throughout your dive career – and take all of it even further.

From advanced dive theory and knowledge to guiding successful excursions, teaching part of programs and assisting PADI Instructors with their student divers, Divemasters do it all. You’ll graduate this program as a licensed dive professional, proficient in all areas of recreational SCUBA theory and practice.

Many high-ranking instructors cite Divemaster training as the most exciting part of their dive education. You’ll learn a lot, do a lot, and dive a lot.

Most Divemasters and Guides complete their professional training in about 2 weeks. Arab Divers also offers a counter-to-ocean work experience program to help aspiring Divemasters learn and build real-world experience over 4 weeks ‘on the job’.

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