Padi Master Scuba Diver | Aqaba-Jordan

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Padi Master Scuba Diver | Aqaba-Jordan

Arab Divers offers many PADI  Specialty courses. What do you find most interesting underwater? There’s training for that, so you can do it safely and comfortably.

Wreck diving? Night diving? Deep diving? Underwater photography? Enriched air (EANx) to extend your bottom time? What about perfect buoyancy, or caves and other overhead environments?

Whatever underwater activity appeals to you most, it comes with special considerations that’ll keep you safe and help you enjoy underwater activities even more. Check out our specialty course menu – you’re almost ready for the next step, one few divers ever achieve…

Night Diver Self-Reliant (Solo) diver Equipment Specialist
Wreck Diver Digital Underwater Photography Search and Recovery
Underwater Naturalist AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Recreational Sidemount
Underwater Navigation AWARE Fish Identification  
Boat Diver Peak Performance Buoyancy Dry Suit Diving
Deep Diver Project Aware Enriched Air / Nitrox
Drift Diver   Search and Recovery


Divers who have rescue training and are certified in 5 specialty dive areas may apply for PADI Master Scuba Diver certification. This is the divers’ badge of honour: few share your experience and knowledge. Other divers will increasingly look to you for guidance.

Most of the specialty programs includes academic theory and a varying number of confined and open-water training exercises.

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