Deep Fishing Sport in Aqaba

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Deep Fishing Sport in Aqaba

Go Fishing: Deep Fishing Sport in Aqaba

Deep Fishing Sport, also known as sport fishing, is fishing for fun and pleasure. Deep Fishing sport can be done in rod, reel, line, and hooks. Deep fishing sport is an excellent way to gather your best friends and make memories together. The social activity is exciting because you can reel in a giant fish. Fishing is quite challenging and overcoming these challenges brings about feelings of success and accomplishment. You and your friends have the chance to catch a trophy fish that you have been chasing for a long time, there is an undeniable sense of achievement and success.


At Aqaba, the ancient Ayla, has undergone a transformation from a fishing village on the Red Sea to the only international seaport in Jordan. Aqaba is known for its rich colorful corals and stunning reef fish. Tourists and especially water sport enthusiasts find Aqaba the absolute underwater paradise with intact coral reefs.

During snorkeling or diving through the fascinating canyons on Aqaba's coast the guests are not aware that they are swimming in the deepest gulf of the world, more than 1800 meters at the deepest point. The sea reaches between Aqaba and the peninsula Sinai, which are only 8 kilometers apart and 600 meters in depth. Regarding the natural conditions here in Aqaba it is possible to spend a day offshore; without taking long trips, to make the catch of your life and to recall memories of "The Old Man and the Sea".

Deep Fishing Sport in Aqaba

Many of the inhabitants of Aqaba are still fishermen today and earn their livelihood just like their ancestors with the yield of their fish catches, which they bring with their small boats ashore. Deep fishing sport is a tradition that has kept many fishers to visit the Aqaba sea. If you want to participate in this tradition, bring your friends and family for a fun and enjoyable social event.

At Aqaba, deep fishing does not mean to eject the fishing rod from the jetty or boat above the reefs or hunt as a diver with the harpoon. Fishing is generally forbidden in Aqaba Marine Park, to protect the unique coral reefs and their inhabitants. When you get started on your deep fishing sport, you will ride on a boat and set sail in the depths of the sea. At Aqaba, the local fishermen are experts for deep-sea fishing. They will teach you fishing techniques such as "trolling" to prepare you for big fishing game. During the deep fishing sport game, you can catch variety of fishes such as mackerel, marlin, and sailfish.

Depending on your spirit of sport, you can catch and release your fish back in the water or bring a dinner for the family from your fishing trip. If you decide to release the fish back in the water, you should take pictures of your achievement by holding the fish on your arms. Your friends and family will be impressed by the dedication and patience you put into catching a big fish. If you decide to take the fish for dinner, you can enjoy a traditional fish dish called Sayyadia. The dish originated from Aqaba and is cooked according to old family recipes.

If you’re looking to escape from the bustle of the city, or the commotion of people, there’s no better way to go outdoors and fish! At Arab Divers, we offer deep fishing sport in the beautiful sea of Aqaba. Invite your friends and family to a big deep fishing sport and compete with them by the size of the fish. You may also catch a rare fish you have never seen before. You should not miss this memorable trip between Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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