Wadi Rum Desert

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This area is home to thousands of years of historic art, spectacular rock formations, and a night sky you’ll have to see to believe

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Wadi Rum Trip

Many options exist to make your desert trip special, whether you stay for a few hours or days.WadiRum and Disi's outstanding natural and archaeological features can be enjoyed in many ways.

Accommodation in bedouin-style tents with typical entertainment (food, music, coffee, etc.) is possible within the protected area and can be organised at the reception of arab divers .

Within the protected area, you must use a bedouin guide. Even if this restriction does not apply, it is not advised to drive into the desert without a guide. Always employ a guide when renting horses or camels. All independent operators outside the protected area should be licensed, use local Bedouin guides and drivers, and follow basic environmental laws.

A list of tours is available at the Visitors Centre if no prior arrangements have been made. You can go out alone or with other tourists, while the Jeep rotates to the next driver. Jeeps generally seat six people, and prices are split.

The cost depends on the length of the tour. The Wadi Rum and Disi Bedouin cooperative societies run the tours. The first operator will take you south of Rum, while the second will take you east towards Disi. There are many beautiful natural and archaeological features in the area. There are rock bridges, inscriptions and carvings, canyons, and steep cliffs.

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