Diving with Arab Divers

First, when you dive or stay with us in South Beach of Aqaba, you will find friendly, professional service. We pride ourselves on warm hospitality and extend a sincere welcome to all our divers and guests.

Diving in aqaba | Jordan-Red sea

The safety

Safety is our top priority for all divers. Our two Bauer compressors produce oxygen compatible air, enabling us to provide Nitrox up to 99% as well as Tri-mix. We keep first aid and emergency oxygen equipment onsite and in our dive boat (even though we’ve never had to use it). As a Divers Alert Network facility, we recommend for all divers to check your travel insurance (most including diving) or arrange online insurance before your dive adventure starts.

Dive Shop Aqaba

Our Scuba Gear

Many divers like to bring their own gear, but just in case you forget something at home or are travelling light, our full complement of rental gear is modern and maintained continuously by qualified professionals. A multi-brand dive shop onsite offers a wide selection of gear to match your style and budget.


Our Dive Boat

Our custom 15m dive boat, Petra, is a Saudi Arabia Coast Guard boat built in the UK and renovated for us in 2014. Fully-equipped she exceeds all legal requirements for diving and tours in the Gulf of Aqaba and guarantees highest safety.

Petra can accommodate 30 passengers or 15 divers comfortably and clips along at a relaxed 8-12 knots. A large dive platform makes gearing up and getting wet simple whether you’re diving or snorkelling, fresh water is available for gear-rinsing, and a shaded sundeck lets you stretch out or relax in the salon between dives. Our boat trips include hot and soft drinks and fresh lunch snacks for full day trips.


Diving from Shore

Starting at 9 am we doing usually double-tank dives. After a general briefing and equipment preparation we provide transport to the dive site with 4x4 vehicle. Few minutes and a detailed briefing later you are in the Red Sea for your first dive. One hour surface interval gives you time for relaxing, sipping some hot tea and prepare for your next dive.

Back at the dive center you can sign up for an optional third dive in the afternoon.


The Time

Boat trips leave by 10 am (meeting at 9 AM at the dive center) and we’re usually back on shore by 4 pm after 2 dives at the sites agreed on by our knowledgeable guides and our excited divers. We kindly request you give us 24 hours’ notice if you’d like to dive by boat – but don’t worry, nearly all of Aqaba’s dive sites are easily accessible from shore, too.

All Aqaba dive sites are within 20 to 60 minutes of the Royal Yacht Club, our mooring.

With two dives on the shore you are finished at approximately 1 – 2 pm and you can decide for the afternoon – more diving or another activity on South Beach.


Group sizes

At Arab Divers, dive groups are kept to maximal 5-6 divers to help you enjoy the underwater world conveniently and comfortably. We provide thorough briefings and choose sites appropriate for your training level. This ensures everyone has the best possible experience.