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Whether you’re joining us for SCUBA, snorkelling, or a relaxing family getaway just 5 minutes from one of South Aqaba’s best beaches, our 25-room facility was designed with relaxation and comfort in mind.

15 minutes south of Aqaba’s city centre, Arab Divers rests on a quiet hillside and provides a magnificent view over Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia surrounding the Red Sea.

Here, divers-in-training focus on honing their skills in our swimming pool (designed for all training requirements) & theory in our classroom (fully equipped for multimedia dive courses) before heading out to more than 20 spectacular dive sites just a few minutes away. Apart from diving, you can relax poolside and soak up some sun with a beautiful view or join one of our snorkeling trips. And yes – you’ll find a shallow swimming pool specially reserved for children to splash in.

Arab Divers Distance Table

Aqaba City Center 12 km 7.5 mi 15 min
Aqaba Airport 25 km 15.5 mi 30 min
Ad Durrah Border (Saudi Arabia) 10 km 6.5 mi 15 min
Wadi Arabah Border (Israel) 20 km 12.5 mi 25 min
Wadi Rum 60 km 38 mi 1 h
Petra 128 km 80 mi 2 h

Traditional hospitality meets modern standards

Our family built Arab Divers rooms with convenience and flexibility in mind: the rooms are simple by design, functional and comfortable whether you are single, a couple, or with your family. Choose from a variety of room types to match your needs and enjoy the full hotel experience between Aqaba’s legendary dives.

Single Room

16 - 22 m2 (172 - 237 sq ft), 1 person

Double/Twin Room

16 - 22 m2 (172 - 237 sq ft), 2 persons

Triple Room

16 - 22 m2 (172 - 237 sq ft), 3 persons

Connected Room

32 m2 (344 sq ft), Two Rooms (1 Double and 2 Bunk Beds) are connected by internal door, 6 persons

One Extra bed is on request available for some room types (Charge applicable)

All the above room types come fully equipped with bathroom en suite, air conditioning, fan, LCD TV with satellite, mini-fridge, closet or wardrobe and desk. Complimentary towels and toiletries are provided for houseguests and free Wi-Fi is available at hotspots around the reception.

As divers ourselves, we offer since 15 years together with our team friendly, personal service and careful attention to details. Many guests cited this as one of the highlights of their experience.

Food & Drinks

Arab Divers houseguests are welcome to a complimentary Continental Breakfast between 07:00 to 09:00 AM.

We also offer a family-friendly menu plus fresh local specialties for dinner prepared by our chef every day from 12:00 to 21:00 PM. We try to accommodate special dietary requirements wherever possible and the Jordanian cuisine is absolutely vegetarian-friendly.

Local salads, seafood, chicken, beef and other meats are regular staples on our menu and you should not miss one of our evening BBQs.

Alcoholic beverages are only available in special shops in Aqaba and you can store your own beer or wine in the fridge of your room. Please show respect for local customs and do not consume alcohol in public areas of the hotel.

Memories to make

South Aqaba’s desert sunrises and ocean sunsets can be breathtaking, but there’s not enough space between them to pack in all the things you can do here.

In addition to our relaxing accommodation and fully equipped dive school & center, just 1km away a wide range of activities is waiting for you on Aqaba's famous South Beach:

  • Camelback riding

  • Glass-bottom boat tours

  • Private Beach Club BERENICE

  • Caravan Parking

  • ATV Dirt Bike - Desert Experience

  • Petra and Wadi Rum Trips

  • Turkish Bath

  • Car rental and Taxi services

Reservations can be made at the front desk.

Ask for further options

We are pleased to help arrange individual trips to WADI RUM and PETRA, one of the main attractions in Jordan.

Ask for further options