Red Sea Diving Safari

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Red Sea Diving, Aqaba-Jordan

The mission of Arab Diver is to provide the best experience for divers. The diving team focuses on providing professionalism and quality diving courses. Additionally, they have a niche for customer service and environmental leadership. Snorkeler, novice and experienced divers have the chance to discover the world class Red Sea Diving Safari from boat or shore. Experience excellent service with accommodations or free daily transfer services to and from Aqaba City for guest from Aqaba Jordan Hotels. The pricing is affordable and will be well worth it in the end. The waters around Aqaba are rich in colorful corals and stunning reef fish. Invite your family, friends, and loved ones to an unforgettable and fun trip to the Red Sea.

 Red Sea Diving Safari | Aqaba-Jordan
There she is – The Cedar Pride Wreck, easily accessible in just 12m of clear blue Aqaba water.

Learn How to Scuba Dive!

Ever had the curiosity of exploring the ocean’s depth? There really is nothing quite as unique as learning how to scuba dive. Scuba Diving Aqaba is a form of underwater diving where the diver uses a scuba to breathe and maneuver underwater. You get to explore sunken treasures and be close to vibrant creatures. This is your chance to meet with your favorite sea creatures and discover the ocean’s colorful coral reefs. Just like watching a movie, scuba diving allows you to share space with turtles, rays, and dolphins.

Imagine being able to swim together with a large sea turtle! With scuba diving you are able to venture into the ocean for an extended period of time. You will not have to rush back to the surface as the equipment is designed to provide you with air during your dive. The entire process is safe. There is a boat that will be nearby your diving area so you can take a break from your long exploration.

Scuba diving keeps you physically active. Swimming is a great way to keep the muscles pumping throughout your body. You will feel energized while you are exploring the ocean floor. Scuba diving is a wonderful past time that’s great to enjoy with friends and family. It’s an experience everyone will remember for a lifetime!

Aqaba and the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the warmest and saltiest seawater. The Red Sea is part of the Indo-Pacific and connected to the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. People from all over the world visited the Red Sea. Aqaba is located in the northeastern area of the Red Sea. Aqaba is one of Jordan’s popular attractions, making it the best place for you to go diving. The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful sights among the oceans. Be part of the Jordanian culture when you learn to dive.

Why Should You Enroll for Aqaba Diving?

Scuba diving is not a something you learn in a day. Great news is that you don’t have to be a professional swimmer to learn to dive. You will need an instructor to assist you in learning the proper skills to get started. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced scuba diver, our instructors have years of experience to share their knowledge and passion. Arab Divers provide you with dive training that focuses on honing your skills. Red Sea Diving Safari during your Aqaba safari and be part of a dynamic dive training team.

You will receive a personalized trainer that will teach the techniques to scuba dive. These instructors are experienced divers who lead SCUBA diving courses and dive tours for all levels. Also available are recreational and technical scuba training. Dive groups are kept to five to six divers to help you enjoy the underwater world smoothly and comfortably. These sessions provide thorough briefings and with sites created appropriate for any training level. The experience will be unique as divers will ultimately explore the Red Sea!


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