Diving for Kids in Aqaba, Jordan, Red Sea

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Diving for Kids in Aqaba, Jordan, Red Sea

Seal Team

Your children probably find SCUBA pretty cool – and they can experience it for themselves, even if they’re underage for certification. Kids as young as 8 enjoy the PADI Seal Team – fun in-water games and exercises led by licensed instructors.

Through safe training in our swimming pool and using scuba gear, children learn environmental awareness and develop water skills they’ll need on their further diving career.

Your children can build important knowledge and confidence enjoying ‘AquaMissions’ that simulate real dive environments in the pool.


This exciting program is designed for kids aged 8 and up. Using real kid-sized SCUBA gear and submerging – diving! – to a maximum depth of 2m (5 feet) in our swimming pool, kids have a chance to experience real underwater diving for the first time.

They’ll learn buoyancy control, practice safety skills, and discover the thrill of breathing underwater under licensed supervision. Completing the Bubblemaker program earns participants an official PADI diploma and removable tattoo – share your adventurous accomplishment with the world!

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